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Vertical Inline * End Suction  Electric Driven Diesel Driven
Horizontal Split Case Vertical Turbine   * UL Only

GPM: PSI:  3 PH / 60 Hz /  Voltage

Pump Set Only Indoor Installation
Pre-Engineered Package Systemw/ House Outdoor Installation

Maximum Suction PSI:
Minimum Suction PSI:
Residual PSI at Flow:

Check All That Apply
Eccentric Suction Reducer Main Relief Valve: PilotSpring
Concentric Discharge Increaser Closed Waste Cone
Pressure Gauge Oil Filled Flow Meter: Butt-WeldGroovedFlanged
Test Header w/ Valves, Caps & Chains Fuel Tank Capacity:
Ball Drip valve Other:

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Diesel Fire Pump Controller Wye-Delta Closed
Limited Service Autotransformer
Across-The-Line Soft Start
Primary Resistance Wye-Delta Open
Partwinding Start
Automatic Transfer Switch

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Remote Alarm Panel Enclosure 23R4 4X12
Low Fuel Level Alarm SwitchContact Low Fuel Level Alarm
High Fuel Level Alarm SwitchContact Space Heater w/ Thermostat Humidistat
Fuel Spill Alarm SwitchContact Power Failure Start
Low Water Reservoir Alarm Contact AIC RMS Withstand Rating:
High Water Reservoir Alarm Contact Motor / Engine Lockout
Low Pump Room Temp. SwitchContact Pressure Recorder Electric w/ Spring Backup
Sequential Start Timer Other Contacts:

Jockey Pump:      GPM at PSI    Casing Circulation Relief Valve
Jockey Pump Controller Special Enclosure:
 3 PH / 60 Hz /  Voltage

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