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SPP Pumps Resi-stream 13D residential fire pump

SPP Pumps is proud to introduce the Resi-stream home fire protection system.
The Resi-stream is fully compliant to NFPA 13D standards and comes pre-assembled and hydraulically tested in excess of 200psi from the factory.
The Resi-stream home fire protection system arrives ready to install and pre-wired for simple error free electrician hook up.
The Resi-stream comes in 2 styles both the open unit with corrosion resistant base for mounting as well as the fully enclosed unit for simple and complete installation.
Both units are available in either 115 or 220 volt single phase power depending on horsepower.
Bronze fittings and connections help to reduce if not eliminate corrosion and help ensure a reliable home fire protection pumping system for many, many years.
To ensure peace of mind, we will also offer a 1 year limited factory warranty, so that you can feel safe knowing your family is protected.
The Resi-stream is one more product we offer that makes SPP your "one stop shop" for all of your fire pumping needs.

A Global Presence

SPP Pumps have been working with consultants, contractors, installers and end-users for more than a century to achieve the most cost effective Fire system pumping solutions.
It is no wonder that since SPP Fire was formed in 1875, it has built a reputation for quality and value that has made it unquestionably the leading supplier of Approved Fire Protection Pumping Packages throughout the World.
We now have 6 facilities worldwide that offer the same attention to quality and value that has made SPP Pumps a market leader for over 100 years.

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