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Billy Phair
Service Manager at W & M Sprinkler Company

"This fall, W&M Sprinkler Company sent myself and 2 employees, each with varying experience levels and job descriptions to SPP Pump University. I was impressed how well the SPP staff blends entry level Fire Pump 101, with hands on troubleshooting tips for those who work with pumps on daily basis. From walking the floor of the impressive warehouse facility, to learning in one of a kind custom valve room, SPP offers an invaluable training solution. Each of us at W&M brought insight back to our shop that we've been able to use from the movement we returned.  I highly recommend anyone who sells, inspects, or installs fire pumps to make attending SPP University a priority. You won't be disappointed."


SPP Pumps University training lab is a state-of-the-art, hands-on training facility with 5 fully-functional fire sprinkler systems, 4 fire pumps and a complete range of fire sprinkler industry components.

Who will benefit?
Fire Officials
Sprinkler Contractors
Industry Professionals
How this facility will benefit you?
Continuing Education Credits
Fire Pump Certification
Fire Pump Engine Training
Flow Test Training
NFPA 20 Training
Other Benefits…
Flow Switch Testing (Zonecheck™)
Back Flow Preventer Repair
Corrosion Monitoring Station
Remote Alarm Training
Various Control Panel Starting Applications
Sprinkler Head Spray Patterns
Dry System/Preaction System Training